“Teamwork is not a virtue, it is a choice,...

...it is a strategic decision, too often we see it as a default …it is kind of politically incorrect to say we are not a team… But the truth is, if we are going to operate like a team we have to choose it and sign up for the cost that it involves, the sacrifices and work, and the time that’s required.”  Patrick Lencioni

Lencioni’s quote is provocative, and indicates some of the challenges a group of people has to overcome in order to become a team. Today’s environment presents challenges for which it is no longer possible for any one individual to know the solution or even define the problem. Instead, it calls for collaboration between different stakeholders who each hold different aspects of the issue at hand, and who must themselves adapt and grow to find shared ground if the problem is to be solved.

Regula Maerki works with leaders and their teams to:

  • Understand and practice what is required of each team-member to leverage the knowledge and creative power of the team as a whole.
  • Learn what conversations are constitutive and non-discretionary for creating and aligning a team, and uncover which of these conversations is/are missing.
  • Reveal how relationships are inherently generative and how we all affect one another, impact and change one another, and hence how this understanding increases the emotional intelligence of the group.
  • Become conscious and intentional about what they create together, resulting in the capacity to have crucial conversations, build powerful dialogue and avoid toxic communication styles.

Rather than assessing and coaching a team as a collection of individuals, Regula Maerki works with the team as a dynamic system. A team is a living entity with its own personality, spoken and unspoken rules, vision, blind spots and moods. Her work focuses on the needs of the team, not on the needs of any single member.  See Assessments