“Few things are more dangerous than a leader with an unexamined life.” John C.Maxwell

Our complex, global economy requires leadership skills which go beyond good management practices, beyond being visionary, and beyond having a great business sense. It needs the kind of leaders who have uncovered their beliefs and their “ inner safety walls”, people who have expanded their ways of “making meaning” by pushing through their frustration and fear about situations or life challenges, people who have felt the limits of their current way of thinking.

Some of the typical challenges Regula Maerki’s clients face are:

  • The need to gain clarity on their values and purpose, and understand how to align them with the requirements of their work and the corporation.
  • Upon moving into a more senior leadership role, the need to learn to play the new game, embody the new role, and to understand the importance of politics and power and use them effectively.
  • Learning to handle their emotions in stressful situations when they are hijacked by them and thus exhibiting non-productive behaviors.
  • Having received a 360 feedback, wanting to create purposeful development activities and learning strategies and practice and integrate them with her help.
  • Improving communication and negotiation skills to be able to collaborate with people who have very different values, interests, ages or cultural backgrounds.
  • Having to build or repair trust within their new team/board, or with others in the hierarchy.
  • Understanding how they impact their environment, and how they can influence it.
  • Improving their individual and/or team coaching skills.

It is an illusion to believe that we can define leadership once and for all. It is foremost a journey of constant learning, moving forward, letting go of what no longer serves, staying with the question, and resisting the temptation to go for the easy answer. The core of Regula Maerki’s work is accompanying leaders on this human journey, and building new awareness, self-knowledge and critical competencies to be able to shift and change.