“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” Charles Darwin

“The work with Regula has helped me to become clear as to what I care about in life, and what I want at a professional level. She asks the questions which are never asked in any of our formal educations. I have learned to read my environment with new eyes, and be more attentive in my interactions with people and aware of how I impact them. My confidence and new skills have taught me to take a stand and to pursue what is important to me.

The changes brought forth through the work with Regula have allowed me to move into a more senior role, take the step of moving with my family to another country, and I have been constantly entrusted with additional responsibilities since. The work with Regula has been eye-opening and immediately applicable to my work and life, I consider Regula’s coaching to be the best development investment that a company has ever offered me".

K.Segers, Director Marketing EMEA, Lifescience Industry


"Inter-company politics and power plays used to make me feel like a helpless victim. Regula's coaching around politics has given me great insights and at the same time it has created lightness for me, I no longer feel I am carrying the weight of the whole world on my shoulders. I understood if I do not know how to deal effectively with politics and embrace power wholeheartedly, I will be pushed around by it. It is a knowledge every executive should have when he moves into a senior role. By understanding how a corporation works politically, I can now live my values and purpose with far greater influence."

STS, Vicepresident Northern Europe, Information Technology Industry


"Régula Maerki a été mon coach , exercice qui s’est déroulé sur plusieurs années au cours de deux évolutions dans ma carrière : la Présidence de l’entité légale en France puis une prise de fonction à l’Europe sur la zone EMEA.

Elle a été pour moi d’un incroyable support à un moment où la gestion de mes émotions et ma manière de communiquer avec mes collaborateurs, mes homologues ou mes patrons étaient bien plus importantes que la seule qualité de mon bagage technique. J’avais besoin de mieux comprendre comment les appréhender, faire passer des messages sans les heurter et mieux tenir compte de leur propre disposition émotionnelle.

« Mieux se connaître « a été très important notamment au niveau européen quand son rôle est de faire travailler ensemble des pays et des cultures différents. Dans les groupes de travail regroupant divers pays, mon angle d’approche a été tout à fait différent quand j’ai mieux compris que je me devais d’accepter leurs propres humeurs et opinions. A partir du moment où nous étions d’accord sur l’objectif à atteindre, je me devais d’accepter qu’il y avait plusieurs manières d’y arriver. Chaque membre du groupe ayant sa propre méthode en fonction aussi de sa culture, j’ai compris que chacun avait aussi besoin de se mettre en avant et donner son avis pour se sentir acteur du résultat final.

C’est grâce à ce type d’exercice sur soi que l’on se sent plus confiant, plus à l’aise lorsque l’on quitte cette zone de confort que l’expertise technique vous donne aisément".

J. Lambert, COO, Lifescience Industry


"During the last few years, moving to different management roles and responsibilities, I have worked with Regula Maerki on a strong team- and result building management approach. It has been a very powerful and meaningful way to make a group of people become a team and more so, this way of working is anchored in my strong personal values.

My big learning has been that we as leaders are the owner of this actionable way of working together. We have the responsibility to care, and to sense the mood of the team and create a team culture in which every opinion is heard and respected. As a result team members have volunteered their opinion more openly, it has facilitated difficult discussions and has helped me drive conversations much more efficiently towards a commitment.

I have also come to realize, how important it is to keep the team’s vision and mission alive throughout the year. While the team moves into action, they do lose the focus and we as leaders must ensure over and over that we as a team are all still aligned on what we want to achieve. This way of working has reinforced the feeling in the team that they are all contributing to success and it has clearly driven results.

While many of the approaches seem like simply good sense practices, and this is certainly also their strength, it is impressive how much more effectiveness they create when they are applied with consequence and most importantly over time. This way of leading my team has created a new ease and pleasure in managing people for me and particularly when business is challenging, getting the results is not left to hazard".

L. Granier, Director France, Lifescience Industry


Regula Maerki has greatly supported me to become the leader of my former peers, which is one of the most challenging situations when becoming a people leader. She has given me confidence, tools and insights to manage this very important professional challenge with a successful outcome.

It was very impressive to me how "easy" some of the approaches to handle and manage a team are and to understand how big the impact is. A lot of it is common sense, but being concentrated on doing the right things, we lose track on the most obvious and easiest we should be doing.

For my very personal development Regula has helped me greatly to get a much clearer view on what I want for my further professional life and to drive my career more purposefully and consciously forward, being actively part of the decision to be made. I am much more laid-back, my work-life balance has improved immensely and I have learned to fall less into blind activism, but observe my environment and take everything as a learning and experimental journey. This has given me a lot of peace of mind.

I had the pleasure in spending almost one year with Regula on a monthly basis and I must say that this was the best spent time and effort ever in my life and I am always grateful to my company for this investment in my person.

C.H. Office Manager EMEA, Lifscience Industry


Le travail de coaching avec Regula m'a permis de moduler ma forte présence et personnalité qui étaient impératives pour le travail dans le milieu des forces de l'ordre, à une présence plus souple et plus ouverte, appropriée pour un milieu civil. D'un style de travail de commande et de contrôle et de savoir s'imposer, j'ai appris à utiliser un style d'écoute, comprendre l'autre, son point de vue et ce que lui tient à coeur, mais aussi à plaider ma cause et à trouver un terrain d'entente. J'ai appris à traduire mon jargon technique dans un langage compréhensible pour le management supérieur et un milieu non-technique. J'ai aussi pu traduire des outils que j'avais utilisé dans les forces de l'ordre dans mon nouveau milieu de travail hautement politique. Le travail de coaching m'a donné plus de sérénité, mais aussi des compétences qui font que je me sens plus efficace. J'ai appris à mieux lire le milieu très politique de mon organisation et je me sens en général mieux équipé pour y travailler. Le coaching m'a fait découvrir d'autres dimensions de moi-même et à mieux gérer mes émotions, et surtout devenir un meilleur observateur de moi-même et de mon entourage.

JLD, Field Safety and Security Coordinator, International Organisation


I started working with Regula when I moved into my first Vice-President role; it was a particularly challenging position, in a very senior board, and it created some important stress for me.
Regula supported me on what was quite a journey, she helped me to focus on my learning edges, work out my thoughts and find ways to address and navigate thoughts to be successful. Her work with me was extremely beneficial, I have new tools and skills for facing into those challenges and now almost three years on, as I move to another new, demanding and exciting role I definitively feel more equipped and confident and those issues I struggled with last time are not as prominent and I have quite different competencies to deal with them should they arise.

EM, Vice-President, Medical Device Industry