“When things reach maturity they decay of themselves.” Lao Tzu

Life transitions happen to everyone. They are unavoidable, and an inevitable part of life. They clarify life issues, life direction and renewed purpose.

Transitions often happen because of circumstances beyond our control such as the loss of a job, separation from a life partner, the loss of a loved one, etc. There is also a less obvious transition time to which our society pays little attention, which is the change of decade, moving from the thirties into the forties, or from the forties into the fifties, etc. Most of the time we notice only that somehow we are out of sync with life. What had been purposeful at some stage no longer is, and we cannot see a new purpose yet. Our reaction is often to simply go on with what we have been doing until the tension becomes so strong that we cannot persist anymore, resulting in burn out, deep dissatisfaction, and/or a mild or stronger depression which forces us to give in and take a closer look at what is going on in our life.

In these times of rapid change, transitions happen more frequently in our life. Navigating these transitions require understanding and skills that will allow moving more gracefully and intentionally through these challenging moments of life. Regula Maerki accompanies and coaches leaders and individuals through crucial transition points in their life to find new meaning and create new outcomes they do again deeply care about.