“Only in growth, reform, and change, paradoxically enough, is true security to be found.” A. Morrow Lindbergh

Executive Leadership Assessment

Doing personal interviews of the stakeholders around a leader and giving thorough and insightful feedback has proven again and again to be of great value for the leader. It allows her/him to understand how s/he impacts their environment at the different levels of the hierarchy. For these interviews Regula Maerki  prepares carefully a questionnaire that will bring forth insightful information not only about the leader’s critical learning areas but also about the leader’s strengths.

A thoroughly designed development plan helps to bring focus to the coaching work, and alignment between coach, coachee and the sponsor or mentor.

Team/Board Assessments

Regula Maerki is a Facilitator of the Team Diagnostic™ Tool by Team Coaching International. This tool focuses on two fundamental dimensions, the productivity and the positivity of a team. Research has shown that the most successful teams have the means to take action (productivity) and build effective relationships to motivate and sustain the action (positivity). High performing teams outperform average teams by 39% in productivity and 46% in positivity measures!

While typical team assessments aggregate the individual profiles of a team, the Team Diagnostic™ systems approach assesses the team as a whole. This tool has been used successfully since 2005 by thousands of teams, and on average allows the improvement of team productivity and culture by 20%.

More Value from Your 360 Initiatives

Many organisations have noticed that their 360 assessments, particularly for their more senior executives, do not bring the return they were looking for. In an effort to improve the value, and hence the impact, of 360 assessments, Regula Maerki has collaborated with companies and their HR teams to implement new approaches which make these leadership development initiatives more successful, and, through effective follow up, to create lasting results.