“Help us to be always hopeful gardeners of the spirit who knows that without darkness nothing comes to birth as without light nothing flowers.” Mary Sarton

Regula Maerki is the Founder of Committed to Value, a coaching and consulting practice. She is a Senior Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant who has known corporate life for over 30 years in consulting, sales and management roles. She understands first hand the pressure, and the leadership, team, and relationship breakdowns which people face in organisations. She knows their cost to the value an organisation seeks to create for their clients and themselves.


These breakdowns, which create so much frustration, disengagement and ineffective work in organisations, motivated Regula Maerki over a decade ago to enter into the coaching profession and to address these issues with new understanding, new approaches, new competencies and new practices, in order to bring more satisfaction, commitment and value centred action back into organisational life.


A carefully chosen portfolio of cutting edge coaching education, which spans corporate coaching skills via body work, energy work and coaching inner dialogues, many hours of coaching, and her own longstanding experience with corporate life, have given her breadth and depth to address leadership, team and personal challenges creatively and with lasting value.

Her Clients

are managers, high potentials and executives with their teams in hightech and lifescience industries, food, banking, government and international organisations.

Geographical span of intervention and coaching languages

Regula Maerki is Geneva based, of Swiss nationality, and works in French, German and English, with some Spanish at a conversational level. She works throughout Europe, and with companies headquartered in North and South America.


She is affiliated with the International Coach Federation, has been certified by The Institute For Generative Leadership, The Newfield Network, The Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara and has trained with The Center of Right Relationship, The Strozzi Institute and Team Coaching International.

For further details and credentials please refer to her profile on linkedIn