Welcome to Committed to Value

a coaching and consulting practice whose purpose is to focus leaders and their teams on value creation...value for themselves, for their customers, for the organisation and for generations to come. We dedicate ourselves to helping clients step back from their fast paced organisational and personal life, and observe themselves and their environment with new eyes.

So often, the value people seek to create gets lost because:

  • It is easy to get caught up in being busy rather than paying attention to what value is, or is not generated through this busyness. 
  • People focus on saving time and end up sacrificing crucial conversations with bosses, peers and teams, and in the process they are losing alignment and meaning.
  • Individuals and teams are often so concentrated on achieving the numbers or an objective that they do not realise they are playing a game that cannot be won.
  • Constant rushing and internal pressure absorb people’s energy and resilience, the result is poor interaction and communication with their environment and hence losing the positive impact they wish to create.

There are many more of these value sabotaging behaviours and practices in our organisations and in our personal lives. Often they are subtle, and a trained eye is required to recognise them. At Committed to Value, we support our clients to become new observers and adopt new practices which allow them to build the value they seek to create and deeply care about in their life and work.